Jane A. Gouker

Jane A. Gouker Thanks YOU!

Bates, Mrs. Marian Krajewska (Mrs. Earl O. Bates) ^
Bellamy, Sr. Laurette
Beneish, Messod and Julie
Bennett, Ms. Karen J.*
Bettencourt, Mr. and Mrs. Lance
Blosser, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W.*
Bolinger, Michael W.
Boulding, Ms. Bonnie H.
Braun, Mr. and Mrs. John B.
Brinson, Ms. Linda L.
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A.
Burdette, Alan, Deb, and Claire
Carmichael, Mary Catherine
C.S. Dental LLC
Caswell, Mrs. Judith E.
Chandler, Mr. and Mrs. Larry
Childress, Ms. Sue*
Christenson, Mr. and Mrs. Milford P.
Comentale, Mr. Edward and Ms. Kimberly Munroe*
Conway, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis
Crow, Mr. Russel D. and Mrs. Lynn Shipley-Crow
Deckard, Ms. Melissa
Deliyannis, Mr. and Mrs. Constantine P.*
Demes, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
DeMuth, Dr. and Mr. Judith A.
Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Lee A.
Donahue, Mr. and Mrs. Durbin P.
Earle, Charles C. and Becky
Ebbinghouse, Mr. and Mrs. David S.**
Gouker, Freida L.^
Gouker, Ms. Jane A. **
Ham, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C.*
Harsanyi, Ms. Martha
Hartin, Mr. and Mrs. Paul*
Hatton, Ms. Barbara and Mr. Donn Scott Alber
Herring, Ms. Paula T.*
Hirschland, Ms. Madeline, and Mr. Lawrence S. Moss
Hoosier Youth Philharmonic **
Hugo, Ms. Kathleen
Hutchison, Ms. Isabella
Kang, Jane
Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Donald E.
Jerke, Mr. and Mrs. Travis
Jung, Ms. Hye Kyung
Kao, Mr. and Mrs. Chia-Cheng
Kellar, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin**
Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A.
Kelsay, Ms. Janet
Kibbler, Anne
Kim, Dong Inn and Eun Ju Park
Kloosterman, Mr. and Mrs. Peter
Knox, Mr. Eric B. and Mrs. Rita Larson Knox
Koch, Dr. James M. and Dr. Mary Alice Cox
Kravchuk, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S.
Kugler, Mr. and Mrs. Roger*
Larsen, Mrs. Ayelet Lindenstrauss and Mr. Michael
Laucks, Attorney David M.
Levesque, Mr. and Mrs. Roger
Long, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis
Luskin, Ms. Mary Lee*
Maben, Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Matchstick X Match
May, Ms. Lissa F.
Melody Music LLC
Mills, Kimberly
Mitchell, Mick and Jennette
Monroe County Community School Corporation
Mr. Copy
Mu Phi Epsilon, Bloomington Alumni chapter
Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Walter D.
Muscato, Frank and Karen
Oleson, Mr. and Mrs. James D.*
Overman, Mr. and Mrs. James L.
Page, Ms. Rozanna J. and Ms. Linzy
Peterson, Mr. Daniel J. and Mrs. Tina*
Pilgrim, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin**
Powers, Mr. James A. and Ms. Jeanne M. Lebrell-Powers
Powers, Ms. Phyliis
Pratt, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W.
Rajamani, Elan
Rayl, Roger and Deb
Razo, Mr. Armando and Mrs. Micaela Silvestre-Razo
Red Lion Area Band Parents Club
Rhyne, Mr. and Mrs. Lee D.
Richardson, Ms. Jessica*
Roberts, Ms. Elizabeth*
Rubinger, Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Schenk, Ms. Lorna A.*
Schmidt, Ms. Maria K.*
Selke, Ms. Beth M.
Seymour, Rhonda J.
Silberstein, Mr. and Mrs. James M.
Smith, Mr. Paul D. and Ms. Kathryn Essex*
Solomon, Mr. Bruce and Ms. Susan H. Swartz
St John Associates, Inc.
Stejskal, Mr. and Mrs. Donald R.
Stephenson, Mr. Bruce and Greta and Marta
Street, Mr. W.D. and Mrs. Martha
Stright, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Sturbaum, Mr. Karl R. and Mrs. Judith R. Rice
Tarana, Ryan C.
Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. James*
Thompson, Ms. Erin
Tilghman, Mr. and Mrs. William I. *
Togikawa, Ms. Betty
Tolar, Abigail
Two Bears, Ms. Davina
Vogelsang, Ms. Kim M.
Vonderschmidt, Jeff and Julie
Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Walsh, Mr. Michael
Wannamaker, Ms. Mary Ann
Webb, Charles H.
Wiedenmayer, Mr. Mark
Wiesler, Mrs. Helen
Wilhelm, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M.
Williams, Audrey Jo
Wisley, David and Irene
Woo, Mr. Kijin (Mike) and Ms. Grace Eunhawa Lee and family*
YOE Fire Company
*multiple givers